Photographic Prints are produced at a photo lab by exposing light-sensitive paper. For my prints I use silky matte Fujifilm premium paper with a bright white paper tone and a slightly sheen (not glossy!) finish. They are characterised by very natural colour reproductions, rich details and deep blacks – creating vivid and lifelike images.

• lighter paper weight

• silky matte finish, smooth texture
• less delicate, durable surface


Fine Art Prints are made at a print shop, where high-quality ink is sprayed onto special papers. In that way it’s possible to recreate artwork – giving the impression of real paintings. I use Hahnemühle papers which are made from natural fibres with a warm white paper tone and a velvety finish. They have vibrant colours, soft blacks and impressive pictorial depth.

One important thing to notice: They do however have a delicate surface and should be handled with extra care.

• used for artwork reproduction
• heavier paper weight
• super-matte finish, cotton texture
• delicate surface


I use frames of painted pine wood with a genuine glass pane, giving the prints a modern and discreet look. The back piece is of MDF and has two hangers, which enable both horizontal and vertical suspension.

• matte white painted pine wood
 slightly visible wood grain
 clear glass

This option is only available for 21x30cm and 30x40cm prints. For custom framing don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, I am always happy to make things happen. Custom passepartouts or prints on Aluminium Dibond or under Acrylic Glass are also possible on request.